Television/TV Industry Acronyms

ACR — Automatic Content Recognition

ADS — Alternate Delivery Systems

AI — Artificial Intelligence

AMRLD — All Minute Respondent Level Data

AOT — All Other Tuning

API — Application Program Interface

BBO — Broadband Only Households

CAGR — Compound Annual Growth Rate

CANs — Contextual Audience Networks

CDN — Content Delivery Network

CRM — Customer Relationship Management

CTV — Connected TV

DAI — Digital Ad Insertion

DASH — Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

DBS — Direct Broadcast Satellite

DMA — Designated Market Area

DMP — Data Management Platform

DOM — Description of Methodology

DQA — Data Quality Assurance

DR — Direct Response

DRC — Dedicated Return Channel

DSP — Demand Side Platform

DSTB — Digital Set-Top Box

DVR — Digital Video Recorder

EMM — Electronic Mobile Measurement

FTO — Nielsen Forced Turnover

FTP — File Transfer Protocol

GRP — Gross Ratings Point

GTAM — Nielsen Global Television Audience Meter

HDR — High Dynamic Range

HH — Household

HOH — Head of Household

HTTP — Hyper Test Transfer Protocol

HUT — Households Using Televisions

IO — Insertion Order

IP — Internet Protocol

IVT — Invalid Traffic

JOA — Joint Operating Agreements

KPI — Key Performance Indicator

LCD — Liquid Crystal Display

LPM — Local People Meter

MAC — Media Access Control

MIT — Nielsen Media Information Tape

MMT — MPEG Transport Stream

MMX — comScore Media Metrix

MOE — Margin of Error

MRC — Media Rating Council

MRI — Mediamark Research Inc.

MVD — Nielsen Metered Viewing Data

MVPD — Multichannel Video Programming Distributor

NAD — Nielsen National Audience Demographics

NAVE — Nielsen Audio & Video Encoder

NBCU — NBC Universal

NHSI — Nielsen Hispanic Station Index

NLTV — Nielsen Local TV View

NNTV — Nielsen National TV View

NPM — Nielsen National People Meter

NSI — Nielsen Station Index

NSS — Nielsen Syndication Service

NTAR — National Television Audience Report

NTI — Nielsen Television Index

NTIH — Nielsen Television Index Hispanic

OEM — Original Equipment Manufacturer

OOH — Out of Home

OTA — Over the Air

OTT — Over-the-Top

PC — Personal Computer

PII — Personally Identifiable Information

PM — People Meter

POV — Point Of View

PPM — Portable People Meter

R&D — Research & Development

RLD — Respondent Level Data

ROAS — Return on Ad Spending

ROI — Return on Investment

RPD — Return Path Data

SCTE — Society of Cable and Telecommunications

SDK — Software Development Kit

SM — Set Meter

SOW — Statements of Work

SQA — Software Quality Assurance

SSP — Supply Side Platform

STB — Set-Top Box

SVOD — Subscription Video on Demand

TCP — Transmission Control Protocol

TIP — TV Interface Practices Initiative

UE — Universe Estimate

UHD — Ultra-High-Definition Television

UI — User Interface

UTC — Universal Timecode

UV — Unique Visitor

VA — Viewer Assignment Methodology

VAST — Video Ad Serving Template

VMVPD — Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributor

VOD — Video on Demand

VPAID — Video Player-Ad Interface Definition

VPN — Virtual Private Network

W3C — World Wide Web Consortium

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